Car crashes into Stamford garden after smashing through wall

The aftermath of the crash in Cambridge Road, Stamford. Photo: Lee Hellwing
The aftermath of the crash in Cambridge Road, Stamford. Photo: Lee Hellwing
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A concerned homeowner is calling for traffic calming measures to be put in place in her street after a BMW smashed through a wall and ended up in her front garden.

June Musgrove, 74, was out shopping with son Tim, 46, in Corby when shocked neighbours phoned to say there had been a crash outside her home in Cambridge Road, Stamford, near the junction with Trinity Road, on Saturday afternoon.

When the pair arrived home they were shocked to see a black BMW M6 had come to rest on their lawn after mounting a verge, knocking over a street sign and hitting a neighbour’s wall before ploughing through their own garden wall.

Mrs Musgrove said it was at least the third time a driver had lost control of their vehicle and collided with her wall in the 40 years she has been living at the house.

She said: “I’d been unwell recently and hadn’t left the house for five weeks, but on Saturday Tim and I decided to go to Corby and do some shopping.

“I couldn’t believe it when a neighbour rang to say what had happened. It was a real shock when we got home. The driver was still here. He said it was courtesy car which had skidded and he had lost control.

“Fortunately he didn’t hit the house itself, but I’m proud of my garden and now it’s a mess. We’ve had it happen at least three times now where people have lost control.

“Fortunately nobody was hurt, but there could have been pedestrians passing at the time.

“I have spoken to the council to ask for speed limit signs to be put up, but it doesn’t sound like that will happen, which is disappointing.”

Nick Black, who also lives in Cambridge Road, ran outside after hearing a huge bang at around 5.30pm on Saturday.

He saw the BMW in June’s garden and part of his own garden wall had also been knocked down.

Mr Black said: “The noise was phenomenal. My wall has been badly damaged and I’m going to have to pay £250 excess to my insurer if I make a claim, which seems unfair because it wasn’t my fault. It will also mean my premium will go up.”

The following day, after a restless night’s sleep, and with the crash still on his mind, Mr Black reversed his VW Polo out of his driveway and collided with another vehicle.

He added: “Worst of all, on contacting my car insurer it turns out my policy ran out just an hour before my own crash. I will have to pay for the damage to the other vehicle, a courtesy car and my own is a write-off.”

Lincolnshire County Council said it is unlikely traffic calming measures will be considered at this time because the latest crash “was not speed-related” and “most incidents that have occurred have been caused by driver error”.

No arrests have been made.