This is why Peterborough City Council has imposed a 50mph speed limit of Nene Parkway

This is the reason temporary 50mph speed limit signs have appeared along Peterborough's Nene Parkway.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 11:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 11:33 am
This is why a 50mph limit is being enforced on Nene Parkway in Peterborough

Temporary speed limits will be in place on a Peterborough parkway for nine months while safety works are carried out.

The temporary 50mph speed limit has been introduced on the entire length of the Nene Parkway to allow work to be carried out on safety barriers.

The works are scheduled to last to the end of the financial year in April - with the 50mph speed limit to remain along the entire length of the parkway throughout the scheme.

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Survey results showed that the condition of the vehicle safety barrier has deteriorated to the point where it would not perform to the desired standard.

Peterborough City Council has replaced some sections of the barriers and further replacement will continue during the year.

The repair works will be undertaken overnight using lane closures along with a further reduction in speed limit to 40mph to provide a safe working environment for the contractor.

A council spokesman said all the national speed limit signs which had been still on view despite the reduced limit had now been taken down or covered up following reports from drivers.