VIDEO: The Flying Scotsman steams into Peterborough - but you can see it stop again on Thursday

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Eager spectators crowded onto Platform 1 of Peterborough Train Station this afternoon to catch a glimpse of the world famous Flying Scotsman.

The locomotive and a single carriage only stopped for a couple of minutes and was running seven minutes early, so those who were not prepared will have missed it.

People also gathered on the Crescent Bridge as the steam engine whistled out of the station on its way to London.

The engine has undergone a 10-year restoration at the National Railway Museum and will make its inaugural run tomorrow, Thursday February 25, from King’s Cross to York - giving you a second chance to see it pass through Peterborough and stop at the station.

The Flying Scotsman is due to leave London at 7.40am, passing Welwyn Garden City at 8.11am, Stevenage at 8.20am, Hitchin at 8.26am, Sandy at 8.38am, Huntingdon at 8.54am, Holme Junction at 9.06am and reaching Peterborough at 9.34am, where it will stop until 9.36am.

It will then pass Tallington Junction at 9.45am, Stoke Junction at 10.03am, Grantham at 10.25am, Claypole Loop at 10.33am and Newark North Gate at 10.39am.

The Flying Scotsman steaming into Peterborough

The Flying Scotsman steaming into Peterborough

It is due to arrive for a ceremony in York at 12.26pm.

It will pass through again on June 18 on its way back to London, after making its way from King’s Cross, through Peterborough, then Spalding, Sleaford, Lincoln, Gainsborough and Grantham, before returning along the East Coast main line.


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