VIDEO: “Shockingly dangerous” driver caught going the wrong way round major Peterborough roundabout

Bad driving captured by Richard Farr in Peterborough
Bad driving captured by Richard Farr in Peterborough
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A motorist was caught on camera going the wrong way round a busy Peterborough roundabout last night, Sunday April 17.

The footage, captured on a dash cam was taken at 6.38pm and show a blue hatchback driving the wrong way around the Boongate roundabout junction.

The car then does a U-turn in the slip road exit of Frank Perkins Parkway.

The incident was captured by Richard Farr who said: “It’s an unbelievably stupid bit of driving on one of the busiest junctions in Peterborough.

“Sheer stupidity and shockingly dangerous. Driver comes round the wrong way on a very busy roundabout into oncoming traffic, stops with 30mph drivers coming around the roundabout blindly, and proceeds to do a U-turn in front of me.

“They could have killed someone.”

A police spokesman said: ““We would like to remind motorists of the importance of adhering to the rules of the road.

“An incident like this could have quite easily resulted in a serious collision.”