VIDEO: Experts provide driver tips after another week of collisions on our roads

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After another week which has seen a series of crashes on our roads has provided a series of tips on how to drive safely on motorways and dual carriageways.

1. When joining the motorway, stay in the inside lane until you get used to the faster speed.

2. Double-check other traffic before changing lanes, indicate, and then do so decisively and steadily. Other drivers will see more clearly what you are doing than if you hesitate or jerk your speed trying to find a gap.

3. If the motorway is wet or visibility is poor, reduce your speed no matter what other drivers are doing. Keeping up with others will make you more nervous and means that you will not be following the primary rule - safety first!

4. Always use the ‘two-second guide.’ In good conditions, make sure there is at least a two-second gap between you and the vehicle ahead - and even more if the weather is bad.

5. Use your mirrors regularly but always remember to check your ‘blind spot.’ So glance over your right shoulder before any manoeuvre.

6. Drive carefully but confidently - remember that statistically motorways are safer than dual carriageways and most other types of road.

7. Always keep your wits about you. Driver carefully, but remain on guard for those who don’t.