VIDEO: Arts minister nearly misses UK City of Culture announcement due to broken down train by Helpston

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The arts minister nearly missed an appearance on TV to announce the next UK City of Culture after becoming stuck on a broken-down train byHelpston.

John Glen made it in onto The One Show in the nick of time to reveal Coventry was the chosen city, despite the BBC previously reporting that Phil Redmond, chair of the UK City of Culture panel, was to fill in for the MP due to his delayed journey.

Mr Glen, who was on the 09:48 service from London yesterday (Thursday, December 7), tweeted: "My journey to Hull has been punctuated with a 4 hour delay (ongoing)as we wait to be towed back to Peterborough - but at least I have had time to write all my Christmas cards. Thanks to onboard staff who have been magnificent. @Hull_Trains."

Passengers onboard the train said they were left waiting more than five hours to be rescued.

It was initially reported that the train had hit an obstruction, causing the fuel tanks to rupture with fuel leaking onto the line. However, engine failure is now said to be the cause of the problem.

The train was also seen by witnesses to briefly catch fire.

Passengers being evacuated from the train. Photo: Terry Harris

Passengers being evacuated from the train. Photo: Terry Harris

Some commuters took to Twitter to complain that there was no water or adequate toilet facilities.

Hull Trains said it was "sincerely sorry" for the delays. Passengers were transferred onto another train yesterday afternoon and taken to Peterborough.


UPDATE: ‘No water, no toilets and people are getting desperate’ - Passengers vent anger after being stuck on broken down train for more than five hours