Steam trains back on track at Peterborough's Nene Valley Railway after heatwave halts service

Steam trains will return to the track at Nene Valley Railway this weekend - after the heatwave left them sitting in the sheds.

Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 5:16 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:03 pm
92 Squadron

The popular attraction was forced to leave steam trains in the sidings for the past six weeks, due to concerns about track side fires and the safety of drivers.

But now the hot weather has subsided, steam will return on Sunday.

Jerry Thurston, from Nene Valley Railway, said: "Six weeks ago we ran a steam loco on the line, and there were a couple of small, line side fires. We dealt with them, but decided we had to stop running lines. With such high temperatures, we could not risk setting fire to farmers fields.

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"The temperatures for the foot plate crew are also very high - bits can get up to 150C, and it would be beyond uncomfortable - it would almost be hazardous conditions in 35 degree heat.

"Now it is a bit wetter, it is cooler and the crops have been harvested. We will keep an eye on the weather, but we can start running steam trains again from Sunday."

Since the hot weather started, Nene Valley Railway have been running heritage diesel locomotives, and Jerry said: "We have enjoyed the chance to get the diesels out, but it will be nice to bring the steam trains back out for the summer holidays."

People are advised to keep an eye on Nene Valley Railway's website and social media accounts for more details about what is running and when.

On Sunday Locomotive '92 Squadron' is set to pull a four train service departing from Wansford station (PE8 6LR) at 10am, 11.45 am 1.30pm and 3.15pm.

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