Stagecoach bus depot in Peterborough expected to be relocated as council plans bid for site

Stagecoach buses returning to the depot at the end of the day
Stagecoach buses returning to the depot at the end of the day
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Stagecoach’s bus depot in Peterborough could be relocated after “positive” talks with the city council.

The council is negotiating to buy the large site in Lincoln Road and use it to regenerate Millfield.

Stagecoach is said to be making good progress with locating a new base in the city where there would be far less traffic.

The depot has caused disgruntlement for residents living nearby, who claim buses coming in and out add to the traffic disruption and increase air pollution.

News that Stagecoach may be relocating has been welcomed by Pastor Tim Jones, chair of the Millfield and New England Regeneration Partnership (MANERP) and pastor at Peterborough International Christian Centre in Lincoln Road.

He said: “It’s long overdue. When it’s been publicly stated that Millfield residents have a life expectancy 10 years less than the rest of the city, anything that cuts down pollution is a good thing.

“The depot is in the wrong place for a major bus company. I think this will be a real positive step.”

Asked what he would like to see happen to the site if it is purchased by the council, Pastor Jones replied: “Something that feeds the community - what exactly that looks like I don’t know.

“It could be anything with a car park or community facilities.

“It’s a big area, and if it’s planned correctly could definitely be an asset. Personally I do not think the answer is building flats.”

News of the potential deal was confirmed by council leader Cllr John Holdich who said talks had progressed over the past couple of months.

He said: “For years we’ve been trying to relocate the bus depot because it’s not an appropriate place. The negotiations are going quite positively with Stagecoach.

“We are looking together for an alternative site - that would make a big difference to Millfield. It’s a huge site and would allow us to do a lot to regenerate the area.

“I’m told Stagecoach has identified another site, but I don’t know where that is. They could be on the move in the next 12 months.

“It makes sense to move into an industrial area.”

Stagecoach had not responded to requests for comment at the time of going to press.