Shailesh Vara raises motorists' ‘misery’ caused by roadworks in Parliament

Shailesh Vara MP speaks in Parliament today. Pic: BBC Parliament
Shailesh Vara MP speaks in Parliament today. Pic: BBC Parliament
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North West Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara has asked for action to be taken to prevent more ‘misery’ for motorists after speaking out about the Peterborough roadworks at the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Vara spoke in a sitting at the House of Commons today (Thursday) following a week of queues and delays for motorists.

He said: “This week there has been absolute misery for motorists in my constituency. This has arisen because of a decision by Highways England to close off a slip road at Junction 17 leading onto the A1(M).

“The decision, taken by Highways England without any consultation of local stakeholders, with inadequate notice to motorists and with irregard for a diverted route.

“Can we have a statement from the Secretary of State for Transport in which he can urge Highways England to act in the best interests of the community rather than acting unilaterally.”

Andrea Leadsom, leader of the House of Commons replied: “My honourable friend raises an issue again that is pertinent to all of our constituencies, which is the action on roads that are taken without due notice being given, so I will be very happy if he wanted to write to me on this to pass it on to the Secretary of State for Transport to take the appropriate action.”Following the exchange in the House of Commons Mr Vara said:“Highways England need to understand that their decision has had a massive impact on thousands of motorists causing them untold misery on the roads.The decision to close the slip road should have been taken after proper advance notice to motorists and much wider consultation with stakeholders. Additionally, there should have been a lot more thought given to alternative routes, particularly given that the present diversion is along a route where roadworks are already taking place.”

Yesterday Highways England admitted the traffic chaos caused by the roadworks, which started last Friday, had been ‘worse than expected,’ and apologised for the delays caused.