Rail ticket protest held by Labour MEP outside Peterborough Station amid calls for nationalisation

Alex Mayer MEP with campaigners outside Peterborough Station
Alex Mayer MEP with campaigners outside Peterborough Station
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A protest at rail ticket price rises was held outside Peterborough Station this morning (Tuesday, January 3) by Labour MEP Alex Mayer and local campaigners.

The campaigners were outside the station at 8am this morning. They claim a Peterborough to King’s Cross season ticket now costs £6,316, £1,300 more a year than in 2010.

Nationally, an average price increase of 2.3 per cent kicked in today.

The increase covers regulated fares - including season tickets - and unregulated, such as off-peak tickets.

The Labour MEP for the East of England said: “The Government are failing passengers. Peterborough commuters have been hit again and again by eye-watering rail fare rises under this Tory Government. Wages simply haven’t gone up at the same rate as fares.

“We need to be encouraging people onto trains not putting obstacles in the way. That’s why I’m proud the city’s main rail line has been improved by being on the EU Trans-European network for trade.

“Labour wants investment in a 21st century railway, a system that listens to passengers and fairer fares which is why we will bring the railways into public ownership so that can be run for passengers not for profit.”