Protests at Peterborough Station over rail ticket prices

Peterborough Station.
Peterborough Station.
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Protests at train prices have been taking place in Peterborough after the annual rise in fares came into effect.

The Labour Party and the campaign group Momentum - which supports Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn - were handing out information and talking to commuters at Peterborough Station this morning (Monday, January 4) with members returning from 4pm to 6pm this afternoon.

The backlash is against a 1.1 per cent rise in train fares which began on January 2 and has resulted in protests across the country and a #RailRipOff campaign on Twitter.

Shadow transport secretary Lilian Greenwood said that the hikes amount to a “truly staggering” rise of £2,000 in cash terms since 2010.

The group Action For Rail has also claimed that commuters in the UK pay the highest fares in Europe and spend six times more of their wage on travelling by train than passengers using publicly-owned railways in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Campaigner Chris York said: “It isn’t fair and just that over £4 billion of taxpayers’ money has been pumped into the private railways with £200 million going to shareholders, who are mainly from overseas train companies.”