Pothole funding means smoother ride for Peterborough drivers

Peterborough drivers will be given a smoother ride after the City Council received a £240,000 grant from the government to deal with potholes.

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 11:53 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:30 pm
The 'dragon' pothole patcher

The funding, which is provided to local authorities to help complete pothole repairs or resurfacing to help prevent potholes from forming, will be used to supplement Peterborough Highways’ 2017/18 planned preventative maintenance programme.

This is the third year that the council has received the pothole funding from the government. In 2016/17, the money contributed towards a range of measures including the use of preventative maintenance treatments such as micro-asphalt and surface dressing at 55 sites across the city. These treatments work by sealing the surface of the road to prevent water getting in, which can cause potholes and damage the road surface.

The funding has also supported the use of Skanska’s ‘dragon patcher’ which seals the road surface with a combination of stone chippings and hot bitumen emulsion, using a flame in colder weather to de-ice the area. The surface is then immediately ready to take traffic. The patcher also treats minor cracks and damage that could otherwise develop into potholes, thereby treating a potential defect before it occurs.

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Councillor Peter Hiller, the city council’s cabinet member for growth, planning and housing development, said: “It takes a great deal of time and money to keep the city’s roads in good shape so it is great news that we have been awarded extra funding to help us in this challenge.

“Potholes are a problem for local authorities across the country as our roads take a real battering during the winter months. As I drive around the region I have the distinct impression that we are robustly tackling this issue and maintaining our road network to a particularly high standard compared to other areas. This extra money will allow us to maintain that comprehensive level of upkeep in what are challenging financial times.

“Rather than simply repairing potholes as they occur, the money enables us to expand our already large planned preventative programme using low cost but effective treatments. By using established techniques and trialling innovations, we are able to stop potholes before they form, offering best value and further extending the life of the road.

“This is good news for all road users and the businesses that rely on Peterborough’s infrastructure and create jobs and drive our economy.”