Peterborough to King’s Cross trains cancelled due to staff shortages

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Trains are being cancelled between Peterborough and King’s Cross throughout today (Saturday).

Great Northern and Thameslink have both reported a shortage of train crews, which has meant some services not running.

Peterborough Station

Peterborough Station

A message on the National Rail website stated: “Great Northern and Thameslink are sorry for the impact on you and know that this is not acceptable.

“A number of positive steps have been put in place over recent months but there is much, much more to do.

“Teams of driver, station, control room and planning colleagues are working hard and flexibly seven days a week to reduce any gaps in service and to minimise disruption.

“This is a temporary situation. Train crew availability fluctuates with levels of leave, sickness, training and overtime. Over 2,000 fully qualified professional drivers work on the GTR Network – the highest number they have ever had, and a further 200 trainees who are progressing towards qualification. In addition, driver training on the new trains is scheduled to be completed by the end of August.

“Reducing cancellations is the number one priority. Additional training will be completed over the summer months. Whilst doing so please ensure you check before you travel.”

The latest information can be found on the National Rail website.