Peterborough motorist frustrated with police after no action taken against 'driver going wrong way at roundabout'

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A motorist in Peterborough has accused police of turning a blind eye to a driver allegedly going the wrong way around a roundabout after he sent in dash cam footage.

Richard Whiteside (41) sent in rear-view footage from his vehicle which appears to show a car in Peterborough Road, Eye, going directly right at the roundabout by the restaurant Mattoni.

Dash cam footage of the incident from Richard Whiteside

Dash cam footage of the incident from Richard Whiteside

However, footage from the front of Mr Whiteside's car did not show which direction the other vehicle went in.

In response to the dash cam footage, the police's Digital Evidence Team responded: "We have reviewed the footage and unfortunately your front facing dash cam does not show the incident of the other vehicle going round the roundabout the wrong way.

"The rear facing shows the vehicle overtaking you but the forward facing does not show what direction the vehicle has gone."

Mr Whiteside from Eye told the Peterborough Telegraph: "If someone had been walking across the road he would have been in danger. Police said it was not in the public interest to prosecute.

"It seems to happen quite a lot in the area."

Cambridgeshire police do accept submissions of dash cam footage from residents, but only if it is sent in by the person who recorded the footage, and they have to be able to identify the offending vehicle from the footage provided before considering whether to take action.

Incidents which show "dangerous driving/driving without due care and attention" are prioritised and court proceedings are instigated "if and when possible/appropriate".