Peterborough driver stunned as dramatic dash cam footage shows bus overtaking his car at red lights

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Dramatic dash cash footage has captured the moment a bus overtakes a car at red lights in Peterborough.

John Burfoot (65) was driving in Fulbridge Road, towards Werrington, at just after noon today (Friday) when he stopped outside All Saints Church Paston as the temporary lights had gone red.

The bus overtaking on the red light. Photo: John Burfoot

The bus overtaking on the red light. Photo: John Burfoot

However, John admitted he 'could not believe it' when he saw the 62 bus overtaking his Renault Laguna despite the road being down to a single lane due to roadworks.

The bus then carried on past the roadworks and into the distance. A short time afterwards traffic began moving in the opposite direction.

Stagecoach has said the driver will be subject to disciplinary processes, following an investigation.

John said: "There was quite a queue outside the church. The bus had been behind me for a good five to 10 minutes.

"The lights had changed two or three times and I had got to the front.

"The lights then went red and the bus overtook me. The car behind me hit the horn.

"Maybe they were running late or something but it was totally wrong what the driver did. It could have caused a crash.

"I could not believe they did that."

John has now emailed Stagecoach the footage for it to view.

Ross Barton, acting operations director, Stagecoach East, said: “The safety of passengers and other road users is our top priority, which is why we are taking this incident very seriously.

"Driving through a red light is simply unacceptable and the driver concerned will be subject to our disciplinary processes, following investigation.”