Passengers see fares rise on Stagecoach buses across Peterborough

A Stagecoach bus stops at the Werrington Centre, in Peterborough. ENGEMN00120130904153807
A Stagecoach bus stops at the Werrington Centre, in Peterborough. ENGEMN00120130904153807
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Bus fares in Peterborough have risen to cope with an increase in the cost of running services across the city.

The cost of a Dayrider ticket - which allows passengers to use Stagecoach buses all day - has risen by 10p from £3.90 to £4.

However, the cost of weekly Megarider tickets has been frozen at £13.

The fare increases were introduced at the end of March.

Andy Campbell, managing director of Stagecoach East, said the changes had to be made due to an increase in fuel and insurance costs.

He said: “We know fare changes are frustrating for our passengers. However, we have done our best to keep fare changes to a minimum in the face of rising costs across a number of areas of our business.

“We are continuing to see reduced public sector support for bus services as local authority budgets continue to be squeezed.

“We have worked hard to keep fares down for those who rely on the bus the most.”

Matt Barber, from Sustrans, a charity promoting sustainable transport, including buses, said: “It is still a lot cheaper for people to catch the bus to work than it is to drive and park in the city.

“Public transport is so important for people, and it would be good to see more people using sustainable transport.”

Martin Abrams, Campaign for Better Transport’s public transport campaigner, said: “Rising fares, coupled with reduced services and routes, are bad news for Peterborough’s bus users.

“Unfortunately it’s a similar picture nationwide with bus services in many areas reaching crisis point. Councils have tough financial decisions to make, but buses play a vital role in getting people to work, to local services and shops so it’s important there are enough affordable services people can use.”

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