Lorry driver comes to aid of school children after minibus crashes into ditch

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A lorry driver came to the aid of school children after their minibus crashed into a ditch this morning.

The minibus carrying seven children and two adults was said to have blown out and crashed on the A605 at Goosetree, between Turves and Ring’s End, as it took pupils to Meadowgate Academy - a school in Wisbech for children with special needs.

The minibus in the ditch. Photo: Kelly Stanier

The minibus in the ditch. Photo: Kelly Stanier

Mum Kelly Stanier, whose son Cody (4) and daughter Ella (11) were taken to hospital by ambulance with minor injuries, wanted to thank the lorry driver who stopped and helped the children all get out of the vehicle.

She said: “The lorry driver stopped, called the emergency services, got the children out of the bus, gave them his sleeping bag to keep warm and even offered my little boy to sit in his cab to keep warm.

“My son and daughter were taken to hospital in an ambulance but are doing okay.

“We really want to find the truck driver and thank him.”

Kelly said no children suffered serious injuries.

Tracey Baxter also wanted to thank the lorry driver. She said: “I’m just so very grateful for his fast actions and helping our little ones in a very stressful time of need.

“We were so concerned with the children’s safety at the time and didn’t notice a name of the company.”

It is believed the lorry was a white container.