Dashcam footage captures moment Peterborough driver narrowly avoids head-on crash while jumping red light

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This is the moment a Peterborough motorist narrowly avoided crashing head-on into another car while jumping a red traffic light.

The footage was captured by Shujah Saklain on Oxney Road in Peterborough this morning, Monday February 4.

A near miss on Peterborough's roads

A near miss on Peterborough's roads

The temporary traffic lights are clearly red with a 4x4 vehicle turning left out of a side road as the Volkswagen Passat overtakes Shujah's car at speed on the wrong side of the road, passes through the red light, narrowly avoids a head on crash and swerves back onto the correct side of the road.

The footage has been sent on to Cambridgeshire Poilice.