Bourges Boulevard delays near Brotherhood Retail Park after road collision

There are delays on Bourges Boulevard this morning following a road collision.

Delays are heading into the city from the Brotherhood Retail Park.

One car was involved. A

A police spokeswoman said: “A car which appears to have spun out of control near to the roundabout was blocking two lanes.

“The vehicle was recovered and the road was clear by around 8.10am. No injuries were reported.

A spokesman for the AA said: “The road was closed and traffic stationary due to an accident on the A15 Soke Parkway Southbound between Mountsteven Avenue and A47 Soke Parkway (Brotherhood Roundabout).

Police accident sign

Police accident sign

“As of 07.30am the road has been closed to assist emergency services who are in attendance, not too far from the Brotherhood Retail Park.

“Affecting traffic heading into Peterborough. Traffic is slow on the Northbound side due to onlookers.”