Time for Peterborough to push again for Environmental Capital title - starting with graffiti removal

With this being a season of goodwill and further attempts to make this city one to be proud of it could be a great opportunity to try yet again to make Peterborough the No.1 environmentally recognised city nationwide.

Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 11:11 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 2:47 pm

With so many calls to bring back THE PRIDE that once existed the anti-litter projects along with the recycling successes there is one remaining task to be considered which would be the ‘icing on the cake’ for this city and its residents and that is to remove the unwanted and unsightly GRAFFITI that blights the street furniture ( junction boxes and litter bins) and is on residential brick walls and wooden fences.

For well over a year residents have had to see this eyesore and no attempt by those responsible to cleanse their items.

Until such blight is removed this city surely can not be promoted as a candidate for such a title as Britain’s No. 1 Environmental City.

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The Peterborough Telegraph’s photographers have recorded these items blighted with unwanted GRAFFITI for well over a year along well used sections of the GREEN WHEEL and other fences and walls.

Perhaps a resolution for the New Year could be for all councillors to promote the task of REMOVING GRAFFITI within their areas?

There are kits available and I am sure there would be many volunteers with a PRIDE of PLACE more than willing to spend an hour or so to cleanse these brick walls and wooden fences of their property or tenancy.

A big spring cleaning week along with the litter sweep would go a long way to put Peterborough in the ‘race’ to become Britain’s No.1 environmentally orientated city.

Mike Russell - Orton, Peterborough