Tim Peake watches his Soyuz craft move into Peterborough Cathedral

A team of specialists carefully maneuvered Tim Peake's Soyuz space capsule into position at Peterborough Cathedral last night - under the watchful eye of the astronaut himself.

Friday, 10th August 2018, 10:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 8:19 pm
Tim Peake talks to Very Rev Chris Dalliston

The spacecraft arrived at the cathedral at about 6.30pm - but it took many hours to move the capsule - which has hit speeds of more than 17,000mph during its journey to and from the International Space Station - the few yards from the back of the lorry to its resting place.

The team used a combination of a fork lift truck, winch and pallet trucks to get the Russian craft through the narrow cathedral doors.

The Soyuz - which has survived the hostile pressures and temperatures in space and during re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere - was wrapped in carpets and bubble wrap to ensure it was not damaged - and to ensure there was no damage caused to the 900 year-old cathedral.

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Tim Peake talks to Very Rev Chris Dalliston

Tim, who spent 185 days in space in 2015/2016, took a keen interest in how the craft was maneuvered through the nave of the cathedral. He also spent time talking to Dean of Peterborough the Very Rev Chris Dalliston.

The teams will continue to work at the cathedral today to attach the craft to the parachute which brought it back to Earth safely, and to set up a display of Tim's space suit.

The Soyuz exhibition opens tomorrow, with the craft remaining in place until November 5.

The ship is moved into place
The teams move the capsule round the font
A forklift truck moves the Soyuz
The ship arrives
The Soyuz craft