Tambourines and tots bridge generation gap in Hampton

It is often said that music is an art form that transcends age.

Saturday, 11th November 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:19 am

Whether you are 4 years old and able to dance and sing along, or 84 years old and simply able to tap a foot– music can transport and resonate with us all.

Such is the belief of local mum Carla Noye, who, since launching her Jo Jingles preschool music and movement classes in 2015 has now started running music sessions at Avery House residential care home.

Bringing generations together, Carla has involved children and parents from her Jo Jingles classes with the residents at Avery House to take part in 30-minute sessions involving juice and biscuits, story-time and a few songs.

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The concept of intergenerational interactions is one that has been widely researched and proven as a way of benefitting the young and elderly. Centred on the simple idea that both parties can bring new energy and knowledge into each other’s lives, reports have indicated a myriad of psychological advantages.

Carla says: “We had a wonderful musical time and it’s a privilege to bring different age groups together and watch them interact so positively.”

Resident Jean Sewell said: “It’s so lovely to see the children here today, it has made me want to cry!”

Resident Doreen Robinson added: “It takes me back to when my children were little, seeing their little faces has brought me such happiness.”


Staff member Laura Judd said: “Seeing the residents’ faces light up as the children were singing, dancing and playing was just lovely. Having the children here at Avery House has brought everyone so much happiness as children always do. Seeing the generations together is fabulous.”

Taking place on a fortnightly basis, the sessions have proved a hit and Avery House have requested Carla to arrange more sessions in the future so that the experience can be shared with more residents at the care home.

For more information about Carla’s Jo Jingles classes visit www.jojingles.com/peterborougharea.