Superfast internet is must for Peterborough law firm

Flag Business Exchange
Flag Business Exchange
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A law firm has just relocated to a Peterborough business park attracted by its new connection to superfast broadband.

Ferguson Financial has moved into the Flag Business Exchange office park, in Vicarage Farm Road, from smaller city centre offices.

The aim is to make use of the newly installed 1,000 mb broadband service.

Ferguson is a law firm specialising in the field of financial mis-selling to help the victims of financial fraud, error or mis-selling to achieve redress or compensation.

Richard Jones, director of commercial agents Barker Storey Matthews, which has just agreed the deal with Ferguson, said: “This is very pleasing to see as Flag Business Exchange has just committed to the installation of the new 1,000 megabyte broadband. The availability of this fast broadband service was key to securing Ferguson Financial to the estate together with quality of space available and levels of parking.

The installation of the superfast broadband connection has been overseen by fibre internet infrastructure provider CityFibre, of London, which in 2013 selected Peterborough for a £30 million investment to turn it into a Gigabit city.

CityFibre’s network will lead to businesses and residents being able to access internet connections with speeds of at least one gigabit per second, which is around 40 times quicker than current superfast broadband.

Greg Mesch, chief executive of CityFibre, said: “It enables businesses to maximise the power of cloud computing, ultrafast broadband, or glitch-free video conferencing.”