Stars come out for Peterborough astronomical party

Duncan Kirkwood at the Sacrewell Farm Stargazing event
Duncan Kirkwood at the Sacrewell Farm Stargazing event
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More than 200 stargazers made the most of beautiful clear skies above Peterborough on Saturday (February 21).

Peterborough Astronomical Society held their annual star party at Scarewell Farm near Wansford.

A cloudy day threatened to ruin the event, but by the evening the skies had cleared and visitors were able to see planets and constellations thanks to the unpolluted skies above the 50 acre site.

Megan Allen from Sacrewell Farm said: “We were a bit concerned in the day that the weather might be bad, but by the time it got dark it had cleared and was lovely. We could see the seven sisters constellation, which a lot of people living in towns and cities can’t see and we saw Mars, Venus, Jupiter and the four moons of Jupiter. It was a really great event and it was great to see so many different types of people at the farm who were interested in astronomy.”

Sacrewell are planning another astronomy event to tie in with the solar eclipse taking place on March 20.

Further details will be given nearer the time.