Star-gazers take to the streets to marvel at eclipse over Peterborough

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Excited star-gazers crowded around Cathedral Square to grab a glimpse of the first solar eclipse since 1999.

People have flocked to the streets across the city with their sunglasses on and cameras out to glimpse the phenomenon.

Even the cloudy skies could not dampen the general enthusiasm, and Twitter was soon awash with activity as people shared their spectacular images.

The partial eclipse reached its peak at about 9.30am in the city and amateur astronomers used special glasses, filters, or just a pin-hole contraption to get a view of the spectacular site.

The clouds were thin enough for people to get a view of the eclipse in the city and the skies darkened during the eclipse.

The event started at 8.30am and finished at about 10.30am.

eclipse in peterborough EMN-150320-093602009

eclipse in peterborough EMN-150320-093602009

Peterborough Telegraph photographer David Lowndes captured this image of the eclipse using a 600mm lens with a sheet of welding glass placed over the front of the camera, standing on top of The Peterborough Telegraph offices.