Speed cameras will make road safer

brian rush
brian rush
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New speed cameras will help keep pupils, cyclists and other pedestrians safe from speeding drivers outside a Peterborough school.

The new average speed cameras have been placed on the B1091 Peterborough Road from the A605 Stanground bypass overbridge to the Junction 68 roundabout, where Stanground fire station is situated.

The stretch of road includes the entrance to Stanground Academy with pupils using this busy road on their way to and from school during the rush hours.

The road is an accident blackspot, with 12 people injured in road incidents in the last five years.

The move was welcomed by Stanground Central ward councillor Brian Rush, who has been campaigning for greater safety on the road.

Cllr Rush said: “There has been a growing problem with speeding on the road for many years, especially with motorists coming out of Farcet.

“I know residents have been complaining about it for some time.

“With the college down there, it is important to get safety right. I have been trying to get something sorted for some time.

“The speed limit is 30mph, but some drivers have been doing much more than that, so I welcome the new cameras.”

The average speed camera system in operation is also being used for the first time in residential areas of Peterborough.

It is specifically designed for use in residential areas, recording the average vehicle speed between two points, a system more commonly used on major roads and motorways.

If it is a success, the system could then be rolled out in other residential areas in the city.

Clair George, Senior Road Safety Officer for Safer Peterborough and Peterborough City Council, said the road would be much safer as a result of the move.

She said: “The speed reduction measure along this road will result in a safer environment for all road users.

“The speed limit on this road is 30mph but these speed cameras are in place to act as a deterrent to the small minority of drivers who think speeding on this, and indeed any, stretch of road is acceptable.”