Speaker's Corner: Support World Spay Day in the city

World Spay Day is a day where rescue organisations all over the world come together to help promote the importance of feline neutering, says Cats Protection spokeswoman Sheridan Gaunt .

Friday, 12th February 2016, 4:37 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 7:41 am
Cats Protection branch spokeswoman Sheridan Gaunt holds unwanted pet Arthur, during a rehoming event at Loxley Community Centre, Werrington.

The Peterborough branch of Cats Protection and the RSPCA have joined forces with local vets, Vets4Pets, along with support from the Army to promote World Spay Day 2016 on Sunday , February 21, by offering free neutering to cat owners.

Around 85 per cent of litters are unexplained, with many cat owners getting caught out because they did not realise their cats could get pregnant at less than six months of age – while still kittens themselves.

Our advice is simple – have your cat spayed at four months to protect her from getting pregnant.

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Male cats should be neutered too, to protect them catching diseases, such as FIV (the feline equivalent of HIV) and getting nasty injuries from fighting – a male cat which hasn’t been neutered is more likely to fight over a female mate.

Neutering can also help to stop a male from spraying indoors- which can be really smelly. He’s also more likely to stay close to home as a 
neutered cat is less likely to stray.

Every year we are inundated with unwanted litters, many are born outdoors or simply abandoned, some as young as just a few days old, needing to be hand reared if they are to have a chance of survival.

We cannot stress enough the importance of neutering for their well-being.

To find out more about this one day free neutering event contact: 0345 371 2750 or emai [email protected]

The Peterborough branch of Cats Protection neutered 760 cats in 2015. We offer assisted neutering for those on low income or benefits throughout the year.