SPALDING MURDERS: Pet dog was cowering in her crate when police arrived at murder scene

A charity is caring for a pet dog rescued from the Spalding home where police recovered the bodies of a mother and daughter on Friday.

Wednesday, 20th April 2016, 5:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th April 2016, 6:40 pm
Bebe - the dog rescued from the home of Liz Edwards is now with the Three Counties Dog Rescue charity. ANL-160420-161807001

Renamed ‘Bebe’ by Three Counties Dog Rescue, the eight-month-old cross breed is currently with a foster carer in the Stamford area where she will remain until spayed and a permanent home is found.

Gyll Mauchline, who founded the charity 45 years ago with husband Max, said Bebe was first collected by South Holland’s dog warden before being handed into the charity’s care this week.

Gyll said: “She looked absolutely worn-out and completely bewildered.

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“I wouldn’t say she was traumatised, but she looked very nervous.

“Apparently she was cowering in her crate when the police went in.”

Police found the bodies of school dinner lady Liz Edwards (49) and daughter Katie (13) at their home in Dawson Close, Spalding, on Friday.

Two children – a boy and a girl, both aged 14 – have been charged with their murder and are in youth detention awaiting a trial that’s expected to begin on October 17.

The tragic deaths of mother and daughter have left a deep sense of shock among residents of Spalding and across the country.

Gill says her charity has rehomed 6,500 dogs over the years and the future for Bebe will be “lovely and rosy”.

Currently Bebe is with one of the charity’s long-term helpers and foster carers.

Gyll says Bebe is still very nervous around fluorescent jackets, but is on the road to recovery.

“She’s now starting to play again,” said Gyll.

She says Bebe is now at an age where she needs to be spayed, and when the charity decides the time is right – and the right home is found – she will have a fresh start.

Gyll said Three Counties Dog Rescue does home checks prior to adoption, there is a pre-adoption stage and then a full adoption.

“Then we are there for the dogs for the rest of their lives,” said Gyll.

Three Counties Dog Rescue was founded in Hampshire and kept its name when Gyll and Max moved to Lincolnshire, although it now serves five counties.

Currently the charity rehomes 300-plus dogs a year – and some cats.

“We have got about 64 dogs needing homes and four cats,” said Gyll.

The charity has a comprehensive website with videos, photographs and written details about dogs that need adoption, which can be found at – you can also contact the charity on 01778 440318 or 07708 589792.

Gyll says Three Counties Dog Rescue opened its first charity shop at 15A North Street, Bourne, and is always in need of donated items to sell.