‘Someone could die’ at accident blackspot

The aftermath of the crash: pic: Zulifqar Ali
The aftermath of the crash: pic: Zulifqar Ali
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A man has claimed someone could be killed at a notorious accident blackspot in Peterborough following another crash.

On January 31 a van crashed into the side of a shop at the junction of Gladstone Street and Searjeant Street, knocking over a display and snapping a wooden post following a collision with a car.

Zulifqar Ali (47) who lives on Searjeant Street just yards from where the latest crash happened, said there had been a large number of accidents at the junction over the years, and called for traffic calming to take place.

But a Peterborough City Council spokesman said there had not been a long list of crashes or incidents reported at the junction.

He said: “This is the seventh or eighth accident in the last few years. They are not always reported, but it happens so often.

“Someone will get seriously injured or killed down here.”

Two years ago a drink driver crashed into a wall at the junction.

Mr Ali said a child had a narrow escape when the van crashed into the shop.

He said: “I think speed bumps would help.

“With the van crash, I just heard a bang. I went to have a look. A young girl had only just walked into the shop - if the van had hit her, she would have been badly hurt. It could have been anyone’s child walking past there.

“It feels like the council do not care about what happens here. It is not safe at the moment.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said: “There are no plans for traffic calming in the area. There have been three slight injury collisions recorded in the past five years at the junction.

“Last year a one hour average speed survey was carried out, and it discovered the average speed was 22mph.”