Solar eclipse to darken Peterborough skylines next week

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The skies over Peterborough will darken next Friday when a solar eclipse will be visible over the city’s skyline.

In what will be the first solar eclipse in 16 years, 90 per cent of the sun will be covered by the moon on March 20.

The rare astronomical event will last for about two hours, and will peak at about 8.40am.

Another such eclipse will not occur again until 2026. The eclipse will be total further north than the UK but skies will darken during the event.

A total solar eclipse was visible across Europe in 1999 - see the YouTube video to watch it.

However the weather forecast is not ideal for eclipse watchers. Early predictions from the Met Office show that a high pressure system to the North East of the UK will dominate the weather during next week.

This brings with it mainly settled conditions which is good news. However, there is a warning that the high pressure system is likely to contain large amounts of cloud most likely in the Eastern region,

Anyone viewing the partial eclipse should note - never look directly at the sun, especially through a telescope or binoculars unless they have been specially set up for solar viewing.

Even a short glimpse can seriously damage your eyesight permanently.