Sky’s the limit for fearless four

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A fear of heights could not stop one determined woman from plunging 13,000 feet as part of a charity sky dive.

Sarah Kirby was so determined to raise money for orphans around the world that she joined Ilona Borychowska, Angela Close and Milan Backman in free-falling at around 120 mph on Sunday, March 22.

Now having overcome her demons, Sarah (32), from Fletton, believes everyone should follow in her footsteps.

She said: “It was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anybody to do it. It was exciting and exhilarating. It gives you such an adrenaline rush. I’m glad I’ve done it.”

Sarah agreed to the jump at Sibson Aerodrome after some persuasion from Darren Mayers, owner of Nene Valley Day Nursery.

Darren (47) and partner Deborah Bell (48) who is the nursery manager, came up with the idea for the sky dives last summer, soon after the death of Darren’s 72-year-old mother, Victoria, to cancer.

Watching everyone else go first was pretty horrifying.

Sarha Kirby

Victoria had for years been a strong supporter of Orphan’s Promise which provides food, shelter, medical help and academic opportunity to orphans around the world.

Darren and Deborah, of Deene Court, Westwood, are keen flyers and hold private pilot licences which helped them decide on the jumps.

Darren then convinced nursery staff members Ilona and Angela to take part, as well as Sarah and Milan who have children at the nursery.

Together, they have so far raised over £2,500.

The individuals took their jumps attached to an instructor. They were expecting to take the plunge a week earlier but high winds had forced them to postpone.

Darren said: “The staff were very keen to do it. Sarah is terrified of heights but I talked her into it. She supports the charity.

“Deborah and I waited in the drop zone. There was a lot of emotion and a bit of apprehension hoping they would get down safely.

“They really enjoyed it and had big smiles on their faces. I think they could probably not believe they had done it.”

Sarah added: “I was not sure if I was going to back out. It was really scary and I was the last to jump.

“Watching everyone else go first was pretty horrifying. I just closed my eyes and went for it. During the fall I opened them and could see all of Peterborough which was pretty cool.”