Siting of new postbox in road is not first class

Post Box at Botolph's Green EMN-151117-163004009
Post Box at Botolph's Green EMN-151117-163004009
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A postbox located near two road junctions is angering residents in Botolph Green who have to avoid traffic just to use it.

Concerns have also been raised about how the disabled and elderly can access the new postbox situated in Rothwell Way.

Residents are having to post letters by standing on the road as there are no pavements or kerbs to make the task safer.

Some residents are now said to have approached Royal Mail to highlight the difficulties in getting to the postbox which was installed at the end of October.

It replaced an old one in Oundle Road which was removed at the end of last year due to safety fears for collection drivers after the layby where the postbox had beensituated was removed.

Residents are also questioning why the new postbox was not placed on the other side of the road where it could have been reached on the footpath.

The Royal Mail states on its website that: “We’re committed to making all our products and services accessible to everyone and are continually looking at ways to make sure we do this.”

Ronit Wolfson, Royal Mail spokeswoman, said: “The postbox on Oundle Road was removed in December 2014.

“The box was situated within a layby which was removed by the local authority.

“This meant that the collection driver would need to park on the busy main road which caused a health and safety risk.The current location is off Botolph Green Road.

“This location was selected because it is on a much quieter road with no underground utilities, and was deemed safer for our postmen and women when emptying the box.”

“We are always happy to consider any requests for postboxes to be relocated and would ask customers to get in touch with our customer services team on 03457 740 740.”