Sinkhole appears in Peterborough street

The sinkhole. Pic: Cllr Richard Ferris
The sinkhole. Pic: Cllr Richard Ferris
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Mystery surrounds a sinkhole which has opened up in a Peterborough street.

The 70cm deep hole opened up in All Saints Road in the city over the weekend.

The sinkhole. Pic: Peterborough City Council

The sinkhole. Pic: Peterborough City Council

It has now been cordoned off to stop anyone riding or driving into it.

Park Ward councillor Richard Ferris, who lives near the hole, said: “A week or so ago, I reported there was a large circular shaped dip in the road. It obviously wasn’t a pothole.

“The council came along and patched it up, but during the week it started to sink.

“Yesterday (Sunday) I was horrified to see it had disintegrated, and there was a 50cm wide hole, which was 70cm deep.

“The hole was 50cm above the surface, but the gap was about one metre underneath.

“I didn’t have any emergency numbers for the council, so I called the police.

“I have spray paint, so I sprayed ‘danger’ by the hole, and stood with my hi-viz jacket on making sure no-one drove over it.

“If someone had cycled or driven over it, they could have been seriously hurt.

“I have never seen this sort of thing before - there are some roads in Peterborough with big pot holes, but not sink holes like this.

“I don’t know what has caused it, but someone did say the drains were very deep round here.”

A Peterborough City Council spokeswoman said highways staff were investigating what caused the sinkhole, and working to repair the hole as soon as possible.