Shedding stones with six-a-side

A promise to take his daughter climbing at the '˜Go Ape' attraction drove Chris Brudenell to join Peterborough's growing Man v Fat football league.

Sunday, 21st January 2018, 5:00 pm
Chris Brudenell and daughter Sophie in one of his old shirts

Wedding photographer Chris was well above the 20 stone weight limit for the climbing centre and so couldn’t take his daughter there.

His wife had heard of the city’s Man V fat league - an initiative that combines six-a-side football with a weight loss programme for men - and suggested he give it a go.

“I had run out of excuses as to why I couldn’t lose weight to be honest,” said Chris. “I am 40 this year and that was a wake-up call as well. I’d tried and failed over the years but Man V fat was the kick I needed.”

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Chris and daughter Sophie

Chris has lost more than six stones since he started with the league in July 2017. The league helped him achieve his goals when previous attempts had failed,

“It’s been brilliant,” he said. “Being part of the team and sharing stories has made things a lot easier.

“When I first set out I promised my daughter Sophie (9) that I would lose enough weight to take her on Go Ape

“There is a weight limit of 20 stone and I was 23 stone at the time.

Chris and daughter Sophie

“Every time I picked up a cookie she would shout ‘Go Ape’ and it really helped as well.

“I thought it would take me forever to get there, but I was determined to do it for her.

“I managed it about October time and we went on it together. She was super brave and loved every minute! Me less so!”

Chris is about to leave Man V Fat having had so much success - he now weighs 16st 5lb - and is now running and planning to lose another stone so he can go up in a glider.

Chris added: “I stop and tell my story to anyone who asks me. When I was 23 stone I was so unhappy and I never thought I’d get to where I am now. I didnt even think it was possible for me to lose so much weight.

“If I can inspire at least one person it will be all worth it.

“I’ve improved my life not only for myself but my family and customers as well. I was in real danger of having a stroke with my high blood pressure and at risk of diabetes. I have freckles all over my legs and feet that are burst blood capillaries.

“A doctor told me that if I didn’t get my weight under control they would become open sores that would never heal. I was in quite a bit of a mess!

“Joining Man V Fat made all the difference to me. 
I helped my team, Cholesterol Palace, reach third in the league even though I’m not good at football. Now it’s time for me to try another challenge but to anyone thinking about Man V Fat I’d say definitely give it a go.

“I felt nervous about going down and meeting new people but they soon made me feel welcome and the guys started chatting.

“I felt like there wasn’t a lot of stuff out there that appealed to fellas, but this really does. The team spirit and banter and the coach Sean all really help. Don’t make excuses just sign up.”

Andrew Kay said: “I’d sum up my Man v Fat experience as being hugely rewarding. Not only have I achieved my weight loss goals, I have also enjoyed the banter and made some great friends.

“Losing weight in an competitive environment has meant that I’ve been more motivated to resist that donut/cake as you don’t want to let your mates down on a Monday night.

“I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that wants to lose a few lbs (or stone), especially those who have tried diets/workouts before and not made it stick, like myself.

“This is the only weight loss method that has worked for me.”

Craig Robinson: “I started Man v Fat after triple knee surgery. I gained four stone whilst recovering and hid behind my knee as excuse not to exercise.

“Man V Fat is the motivation I needed. Now I exercise daily and feel much healthier which has benefited my life as well as my sons as now I can run around and play with him.”