Scientists at Peterborough firm tackle e-cigarette safety

EL Science of Peterborough
EL Science of Peterborough
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Scientists at a Peterborough firm say they are leading the way in the battle to set a “gold standard” for the use of e-cigarettes.

The experts at EL-Science, in Vicarage Farm Road, Boongate, have devised stringent tests and quality control procedures for eLiquids.

They say the firm has developed such a good reputation for high standards of analysis that other companies are sending their products to get the EL-Science’s seal of approval.

Regulation of e-cigarettes is expected to be made law next May and means the manufacturing, selling and advertising of e-cigarettes will have similar restrictions placed on them as tobacco products. In addition, whether ”vaping” in public places should be allowed will also be fiercely contested.

Technical director Shaun Wedgwood, an analytical chemist with 20 years experience, said: “Our team of chemists analyse every single batch of eLiquid we produce.

“Currently the market is unregulated, which means anybody can create their own eLiquid product and sell it.

“We’re trying to set the gold standard for eLiquid regulation in the UK. On every bottle of eLiquid that we manufacture, we include a hologram which signifies that the contents deserve our stamp of approval. It includes a unique code so users can find out exactly what goes into the finished product.

“We want to be completely transparent about the raw ingredients involved in creating eLiquid and our methods of analysis. We want to show to the public exactly why e-cigarettes are the safer alternative to cigarettes.”