'˜A scene of devastation' as suspected drunk driver crashes into Peterborough family home

A Peterborough family is today clearing up the devastation caused by a drunk driver who crashed through their front garden wall, hitting their car and badly damaging their home.

Saturday, 6th May 2017, 12:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:04 pm

Sally Wells said it was lucky she and her partner Colin Griffin had gone to bed earlier than usual as the force of the crash sent bricks flying through the front windows of their Dogsthorpe Road home into the living room where they had been sitting just half hour earlier.

The couple decided to go to bed at around 11.30pm last night, Friday May 5, and were just dropping off to sleep at around midnight when they heard an almighty bang.

Colin went downstairs and opened the front door to be greeted with a scene of devastation.

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Sally said: “I was speechless, I’m still speechless, it was like a bomb had gone off in our garden.

“The car had come right over the wall and hit our car and a trailer. The driver was just sitting there, drunk.”

Sally’s son Lewis Wells added: “All the driver could say was ‘no one died, what you complaining for’ and that he was out clubbing beforehand.”

The police were quickly called and the driver of the black Ford Mondeo was breathalysed at the scene before being taken into custody.

Sally added: “If we had not gone to bed half hour earlier I hate to think what could have happened.

“The impact has thrown bricks right into the front room.

“The main thing is nobody was hurt but there’s quite a lot to clear up now.”