Safety calls on Peterborough street after car collides with wall

The scene of the collision
The scene of the collision
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There have been calls to change the road layout on a street in Peterborough after a car crashed into a wall.

Three people were taken to hospital following the crash on Park Crescent, which happened yesterday (Sunday) at 3.55pm.

Earlier this year Park Ward councillor Richard Ferris called for action to be taken following a series of crashes in the area - and today he repeated his calls.

He said: "We have had three serious crashes in 12 months now. One happened when school and college students were about when a car collided with a bus, one happened overnight, and now this one, when lots of people were using the park.

"I have spoken to a resident who said the car squeezed through a gap between a parked car, and hit the wall - they said the owner of the parked car was walking across the road to the car with his young daughter moments later.

"The owner of the house whose wall was hit is terrified about what could happen.

"I'm not sure what we can do. The Highways Departments aid there was nothing they could do - they were not in favour of islands in the road, the problem with street bumps is people brake hard and accelerate between them.

"We could perhaps lay different colour tarmac, to change the psychology for some drivers.

"It will be on the agenda of the Broadway Residents' Association committee meeting this week. The councillors here run a speed watch campaign in the area.

"But we need to do something before we have a tragedy."

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: "We were called Sunday at 3.54pm to reports of a car hitting a wall in Park Crescent. Ambulance attended and three people were treated for minor injuries and taken to Peterborough City Hospital."

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