Rugby club chairman to stand in by-election for Peterborough People’s Party after becoming sick of ‘Brexit circus’

The chairman of a Peterborough rugby club has formed his own party and decided to stand in the upcoming by-election after becoming sick of the “Brexit circus”.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 2:42 pm
Andy Moore

Andy Moore, chairman of Peterborough Lions Rugby Club, has formed the Peterborough People’s Party and put his name down for the vote on June 6 after deciding “enough is enough”.

Although he voted for Brexit, the number of candidates who speak about that issue and nothing else has infuriated the born and bred Peterborian, who wants to focus on crime, housing, homelessness and other important topics which affect people “day to day”.

Mr Moore, who attended schools in Dogsthorpe, Paston and Walton before becoming an engineering apprentice at Baker Perkins, said: “When I saw it was being turned into a circus I thought it needed someone who cares about Peterborough and is not only in it for Brexit.

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Andy Moore

“Homelessness in Peterborough at the moment is awful. The crime also in the inner city. Peterborough’s slowly deteriorating - that’s what people think and we need to turn it around.

“I have lived in Peterborough all my life, went to school in Peterborough, ran businesses in Peterborough, been a restauranteur and a school governor.

“I know every aspect of Peterborough life and people, and if I don’t know what’s good for them I don’t think people on the Westminster bandwagon will.”

Mr Moore, who lives in Garton End Road, Park ward, founded Moore Steel Developments Ltd, based in Thorney.

The family run business has been largely involved in the construction of five bridges in Peterborough, including Crescent Bridge.

Mr Moore has backed political candidates in the past, but this is the first time he has stood for election himself.

He added: “I have supported people in the background but this is the first time I’ve actually taken a stand. I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

“Some old friends said to me ‘it’s about time’. I just know enough is enough and it’s time to stick my head above the parapet.

“This should not be turned into a Brexit circus.”

The by-election is being held on Thursday, June 6 after Fiona Onasanya became the first MP to be removed by her constituents under a Recall Petition.

The petition was signed by 19,261 of her constituents (27.64 per cent), passing the 10 per cent threshold needed to trigger a by-election.

The full list of candidates can be found here.