Rough sleeper Valerie returns to Peterborough City Centre streets after two months ‘missing’

Homeless woman living in Bridge Street Valerie Collins
Homeless woman living in Bridge Street Valerie Collins
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After two months ‘missing’ a familiar face has returned safe and well to Peterborough City Centre.

One of the city’s most colourful rough sleepers. Valerie Collins spent 11 months sleeping in the small sheltered entrance to the closed down Pizza Roma restaurant.

She became well known in the city, having set up a display of plants in the entrance - but she had not been seen since January, with Peterborough City Council staff keen to trace her having collected her possessions, left on the spot.

Her photograph was also circulated amongst police officers in Ramsey, where she is known to have connections.

But, Valerie returned to Peterborough City Centre this week, although she is still living on the streets.

A city council spokeswoman said: “We are aware that Valerie has returned to the city centre and we will be speaking to her this week to encourage her to accept our offer of support.”