Rotary provide music and fun at the Crocus Cafe in Peterborough

Firstly, thank you to readers who have collected aluminium cans, helping Rotary gather together materials to build hospital helipads. Remember, it takes just one million “tinnies” to build a helipad, and tons end up in landfill each day (writes Rotary’s Janet Cooke).

Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 11:19 am
Entertainment at the Crocus Cafe

One reader picked up discarded cans on her daily dog walk, helping to keep Peterborough tidy in addition to aiding our creative recycling.

Helipads for Hospital collect rinsed, crushed cans without the ring pulls (different metal). The latter are put to good use as they are shipped out to the Philippines where people fashion them into beautiful bags and purses.

Rotary also supports people living with dementia in our city by running a monthly memory cafe.

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Jerzy and Zofia marked 60 years marriage at the Crocus Cafe

Once again, you could contribute to our efforts by putting your green tokens in the Crocus Cafe box at Peterborough Waitrose throughout March. Waitrose are helping us to fund this valuable activity.

At our recent Crocus Cafe meeting we celebrated a 90th birthday and a diamond wedding anniversary. Members Jerzy and Zofia marked their impressive sixty years together, blowing out the candles on their cake. Their day was made extra special as we were entertained by the Upwood Ukuleles. Always popular their music and humour raised the spirits of those with dementia and their carers. Everyone was able to join in, singing and playing the tambourines.

A further highlight was the sight of three Rotarians attempting to play a chorus of kazoos, accompanied by a lot of laughter from the audience.

After the usual break for refreshments it was time for the second memorable musical interlude.

The Upwood Ukuleles provide first class entertainment as well as raising valuable funding to support Magpas.

Finally, a big thank you to carer Pam and her sister who raised £200 for Crocus Cafe by selling their beautiful hand knitted and crocheted baby goods at Serpentine Green.

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