Roman ring discovered in field

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AN ancient silver ring discovered in a remote field has been classified as buried treasure.

The 1,900 year old ring was found by Simon Ashford buried 20cm below the surface in a field in Alconbury near Huntingdon on March 20 last year.

Mr Ashford, from Godmanchester, who had been searching the field with a metal detector, sent the ring to the British Museum in London, where Ralph Jackson, of the pre-history of Europe department, examined it.

In his report he said the Roman finger ring, which had a plain hoop with flattened shoulders, dated back to 100AD, and was made of silver.

Yesterday at a hearing at Huntingdon Coroners Court, coroner Sam Bass ruled that the ring was treasure.

He said that following the discovery St Neots Museum had expressed an interest in buying the ring from Mr Ashford to put on display in the near future.