Road Test: An appealing supermini... now just add Venture

Mazda 2 Venture
Mazda 2 Venture
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If asked to draw up a shortlist of the key contenders in the supermini sector, it would be entirely understandable if you selected Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 208, Renault Clio and Toyota Yaris.

Chances are the Mazda2 would only come in a second or third reappraisal of what’s on offer. Thing is, it’s by no means a second or third tier car in terms of ability. It’s just that it rarely figures high in the public’s consciousness. In a bid to gather a few column inches and remind bovine British buyers that there is life beyond the most obvious marques, Mazda has introduced a Venture special edition and it’s well worth your attention.

The Mazda2 rides on the same chassis as the Ford Fiesta and won the 2008 World Car of The Year award, but it was always going to be a tough sell here. Nevertheless, for somebody who wants a keenly priced, well-equipped car that drives really well and is a little different to the mainstream contenders, the Mazda2 Venture is a real prospect.

Part of the benefit to superminis is their relatively low running costs, and that rule isn’t broken here. The weight loss program the 2 has been through means improved fuel economy and that also puts less stress on consumables like brakes, clutch and tyres.

This 1.3-litre petrol Venture model currently looks to be the pick of the range in terms of value for money and represents the bargain of the line-up.

Given that first diesel Mazda2 model is a round £1,800 dearer, you’d need to be doing intergalactic mileages to earn that sum back at the pumps, which rather begs the question whether a supermini is the right type of car for you in the first place.

That’s because this Venture variant returns an excellent 56.5mpg and emissions are rated at just 115g/km, which means free road tax for the first year at least.

Clearly this is a car that shouldn’t break the bank and one that measures up well against its likely peers.

An insurance grouping of 11 out of 50 isn’t going to 
result in a monster premium either.

Powered by a fizzy 84PS 1.3-litre engine and offering the practicality benefits of a pair of rear doors, the Venture is a very well judged compromise. You might not have thought about choosing a Mazda2 at the outset. How about now?

To book a road test or receive more info please contact Donalds Mazda Peterborough, Telephone number 01733 565787.


Category: Supermini

Performance 70%

Handling 90%

Comfort 70%

Space 70%

Styling 80%

Build 80%

Value 80%

Equipment 80%

Economy 70%

Depreciation 70%

Insurance 70%

Total 83%