Reward to help find missing 70-year-old tortoise Scylla

Can you help bring Syclla home?
Can you help bring Syclla home?
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It’s always heartbreaking when you lose a member of the family.

So imagine how the Bellamy’s felt when Scylla, their 70-year-old tortoise who has been in the family for four generations, went missing from their home in Stanley Road Peterborough on July 3.

Elspeth Bellamy said: “ He has some scrapes/dents on his shell, he is quite adventurous, and an old hole towards his back end of his shell.

“Unless fingers are near his mouth, he does not bite – so is quite safe to pick up on either side of his shell.

“If he has been able to find food, he should still be well, but at this stage we are really worried about him.

“We are all so upset that he has gone missing, and would love to get him home.”

The family are offering a reward for Scylla’s return and can be contacted on 07857 235986.