Review: Madagascar The Musical, Peterborough New Theatre

Madagascar at Peterborough New Theatre until Sunday
Madagascar at Peterborough New Theatre until Sunday

It is the latest big name show to grace the New Theatre stage and Madagascar The Musical certainly doesn’t disappoint.

It follows the plot of kiddies’ favourite Madagascar, the DreamWorks animated film, but if you haven’t seen it don’t worry, the condensed plot is incidental to the fun created on stage, by colourfully costumed performers and puppets, which children will love, singing and dancing to great effect

X Factor winner Matt Terry (who sang and danced very well by the way) plays Alex, the lion, who kind of likes being the star attraction at New York Zoo - and getting fed.

His King of New York City performance was probably the highlight of the first act, although I did enjoy the Best Friends duet too.

Alex reluctantly leaves the zoo with his friends Gloria the Hippo (Hannah Victoria) and Melman the hypocondriac Giraffe (the excellent Connor Dyer) to find Marty the Zebra (Posi Morakinyo) who yearns to escape and run free in the wild.

Nothing goes to plan and, with a bunch of pesky penguins along for the ride, the friends find themselves stranded in Madagascar... which is where the fun really begins.

Kieran Mortell (on his knees), was just glorious as madcap ring tailed lemur King Julien, every wonderfully delivered line seemingly earning a bigger laugh than the last.

And once he broke out with I Like To Move It, the show really kicked in and the audience erupted.

Yes, King Julien stole Alex’s crown, for me.

The characters will really appeal to the youngsters but this is a polished production alright. And there is more than enough humour, sharp choreography - ever seen performers in oversized animal suits flossing? - and upbeat songs throughout to entertain all the family.

The crackalackin all-sing, all-dancing finale certainly sent everyone home happy, young and old.

You can see Madagascar the Musical at the New theatre until Sunday (October 6).