Research into cause of dementia

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The family of former England international Jeff Astle paid their respects to Chris Turner.

Jeff died in 2002 after suffering from dementia, believed to be caused as a result of heading balls throughout his career.

It is thought Chris’s condition may also have been caused by heading the ball.

Dawn Astle, Jeff’s daughter said: “I was contacted by Chris’s wife, Lynne, last year.

“Every time I spoke to her she was either at the care home with Chris, or travelling to or from it.

She said: “There are a lot of similarities between dad’s condition, and Chris’s symptoms.”

Following Jeff’s death, his family formed the Jeff Astle Foundation, to help former players who suffer from dementia and their families.

Lynne wrote a piece for the foundation about Chris’s condition, and what life was like for his family last year.

Dawn said: “Chris and Lynne are the perfect example of the family we are trying to help.

“We are pushing for research to be carried out that should have been done when dad died, but also to educate people about dementia.”

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