Rescue operation is a model success

Roger Davidge with Dr Robin Clark
Roger Davidge with Dr Robin Clark
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Roger Davidge had spent a couple of years building his beloved Lady Laura model boat, so he was understandably upset when it sunk to the bottom of Sunset Lake in Hampton.

Roger, though, contacted Dr Robin Clark, an instructor at Peterborough Sub-Aqua Club, to search the lake and recover his boat. Robin said: “Roger tried to find the boat, but even though the lake is only 1.5m deep the visibility of the water meant that it was impossible to find from the surface.

“The lake was fairly murky but, as a UK diver, I’m used to those conditions! After a bit of searching I managed to locate the wreck and recovered it.”

Peterborough Sub-Aqua Club will be running dives for anybody who might be interested in learning to scuba dive at the Peterborough Lido, Bishop’s Road, throughout June.