Rally is so important for democracy

Andy Monk, treasurer, UKIP NW Cambs

Friday, 12th February 2016, 4:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 7:35 am
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On Saturday (February 13), UKIP will be holding their Eastern Rally at Peterborough Regional College. This is the first time Peterborough has been chosen to hold such a prestigious event.

With the EU referendum drawing ever nearer and vital local elections in May, this Eastern Rally has a fantastic line up of speakers including UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP topping the bill, along with UKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans, Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP and this region’s MEP’s Patrick O’Flynn and Tim Aker and a special video presentation from Stuart Agnew MEP.

As well as the promised scintillating speeches, the event will also feature a one-hour long “Peterborough Push” where everyone assembled will take part in a lightening leafleting blitz during the middle of the rally with the aim of pushing 20,000 leaflets through 20,000 doors in the city. An unprecedented event.

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This is because we really believe that the people of Peterborough deserve change and a much better service from their councillors. With all 60 of the Peterborough City Council seats up for election in May, it is your chance to throw out the political class and instead elect people who really care about the communities they and you live and work in.

With UKIP councillors you’ll get hardworking people who listen to the communities they serve.

With the referendum now imminent, Cameron’s pro-EU rhetoric is spinning faster than a Hotpoint washing machine. Don’t believe his lies about the migrant camp moving from Calais to Kent if we were to leave the EU. The deal between the UK and France regarding the migrant camp is a bilateral deal and doesn’t involve the EU whatsoever. By leaving the EU we would regain control of our borders and we would exercise sovereignty over migration from the continent, not have it imposed on us by the EU.

Many of the scaremongering claims are laughable, such as the deputy mayor of Calais saying that the UK would be “leaving” Europe if we left the EU. Excuse me but the last time I looked Europe was a continent of more than 50 countries, not just the 28 that are owned by the EU.

It is very important for the people of the UK to hear the truth about what it means to be a member of 
the EU and the advantages and benefits we would have from leaving this insidious cartel. That is why events such as the Eastern rally in Peterborough are so important for democracy and I hope to see many of you there.

For further details of the rally, please give our Peterborough office a ring on 01733 891640.