Race night will help Lotus get specialist bed

Lotus in her Power Rangers uniform
Lotus in her Power Rangers uniform
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Thousands of pounds are being raised to buy a special bed for a child who used to have 300 seizures a day.

Lotus Cameron-Daniels (6) needed the right-side of her brain to be detached from the left-side to stop her seizures, but because of her under-development she needs constant supervision meaning mum Lorraine Daniels sleeps with her at night.

But Lorraine (41) was shocked to find out that her friends Mandy Wilson and Miriam Palmer had teamed up with community helper Colin Martin to put on a race night at Quinn’s Bar in Market Street, Whittlesey on Saturday.

And not only that, auctioned prizes have helped raise an estimated £1,900 to go towards the £3,000 Sleepsafe Bed which would stop Lotus from possibly rolling out.

Lorraine, of Priors Road, Whittlesey, said: “I was choked and overwhelmed because I did not know anything about it.

“The first time I knew anything was when Colin said ‘I need some background info on Lotus’. That’s when he told me. I was completely gobsmacked and overwhelmed that they were doing it.”

Lotus needed a nine-and-a-half hour operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital in April 2014 to put an end to her seizures which at one point got so bad she was put in a coma.

The operation has left Lotus unable to use her left arm and because of her underdevelopment she is currently unable to speak and can only walk with splints.

Lorraine added: “She’s a healthy little girl now but she’s just got severe learning disabilities.

“It must be frustrating for her as well seeing other kids running around.

“I can’t leave her in the living room as she does not know what she’s doing. She does not understand the dangers around her.”