‘You’re not welcome here’ Peterborough MP tells Donald Trump ahead of city centre protest

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Donald Trump is not welcome to visit the UK because of the views he holds, according to MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya.

The Labour MP was speaking on video ahead of a protest in Cathedral Square tomorrow (Thursday, July 12) from 6pm, the same day as the US President lands in the UK.

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

Ms Onasanya said: “I question why he has been offered a state visit at this time given all that we know about his conduct to date.

“I feel that what we should be doing is standing up and condemning locking children in cages, or Islamophobia, or trying to build walls, or putting in place a travel ban which actually is quite biased and picks on certain areas of the world.

“I believe that what we should be doing at this time is saying ‘you’re not welcome with those views to be here, and you’re certainly not meeting the Queen.”

The scheduled three hour protest is being organised by Stand Up To Racism Peterborough.

Labour city councillor Ed Murphy said: “I shall be attending and speaking at the event in Peterborough tomorrow evening. We must stand up against extremist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and racist views and challenge the ignorance that lies behind them.

“There is so much to celebrate about humanity and what we can achieve together. In Peterborough we have a strong record of opposing ignorance and extremism and in recent years had successful anti-racist events and many brilliant inclusive events such as last week’s Pride march.”