Weekend flying to begin at RAF Wittering

A Grob Tutor Aircraft landing at RAF Wittering, EMN-150123-161111001
A Grob Tutor Aircraft landing at RAF Wittering, EMN-150123-161111001
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Weekend flying operations are due to begin again at RAF Wittering.

Qualified flying instructors from No 5 Air Experience Flight, which is part of Cambridge University Air Squadron, will undertake continuation training on Saturdays and Sundays, starting this week.

The training unit of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve primarily gives introductory flying experience to cadets from the Air Training Corps and the Combined Cadet Force.

Air cadets will not start training at the weekends until later this year. Cadets are of school age and therefore only able to develop their interest in aviation at the weekends or during school holidays.

Continuation training is an absolute requirement for instructors who, despite being volunteers, are required to maintain the highest levels of airmanship. Enough instructors must be ready to meet higher demand in the school holidays and summer months; hence the requirement for weekend flying.

Flying is not expected to begin until 08.30am. Although it may continue until 5.30pm, only a limited number of Grob Tutor aircraft will be operating.

RAF Wittering squadrons are not expected to fly during public holidays and bank holiday weekends. It is possible that aircraft from other units will fly through RAF Wittering’s airspace.

If you have any questions relating to flying at RAF Wittering, please call 01780 417470 or email wit-mco@mod.uk.